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Selling Your Lake Texoma Home

Selling Your Home In Grayson County – I have spoken with several sellers recently who have properties that have been listed with agents for one term, a few have been listed with a few agents for a considerable amount of time, even! The seller I met with a few days ago told me not to hold back – that he wanted me to be brutally honest.  Anyone who knows me, knows that while I will say things in a nice way – I will ALWAYS tell you what I think you need to hear.  Good, he had given me the go-ahead to really tell them what they needed to do. What I know is that there are FOUR important elements to listing your house…. and it actually selling.  Anyone can put your home on the market and you can have a jolly time keeping your home clean for the possibility of a showing, wringing your hands worrying as to why your getting no showings or why the ones that look seem to have no interest – or you can actually sell the home and realize the most profit possible. It really is simple:  
  1. PRICE – I can not emphasize enough how important this is!  You should not list with the agent that says they can get you the most money.  This is no reason to list your home with an agent.  They just want the listing exposure and I personally think they are stupid for doing so – be real, be honest and get the house sold (oh but that’s a whole other tangent I don’t even need to go off on!).  Look at the comp, price your home exactly where it needs to be – it shouldn’t be too low, but it shouldn’t be too high – needs to be JUST right.

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